• 3M Peltor

    World leaders in hearing and communication equipment for hazardous environments.

  • Agilite

    Israeli equipment born through need and used by special operations groups internationally.

  • Armadillo Merino

    Producing the world’s most advanced next-to-skin clothing for tactical operators and professionals operating in high risk environments.

  • Chiltern Global

    Chiltern Global designs, develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of specialist textile products and specialist protective equipment. Based in the UK, Chiltern Global utilise a range of manufacturing capabilities to ensure quality and price point are always achieved.

  • CMMG

    CMMG are a leading manufacturer of AR15 rifles, components and parts, redefining how AR platforms are delivered globally.

  • Double-Tap Breaching Tools

    Designed and built be a master breacher who’s applied real-world experience and knowledge to make tools that never fail to unlock new opportunity.

  • Fiocchi

    World renowned for high performance products, Fiocchi is a world leader in the manufacture of small-calibre ammunition.

  • Gatorz Eyewear

    For more than thirty years, Gatorz has been the professional’s choice when eye protection and visual clarity are mission essential.


    HIKMICRO showcase leading thermal imaging technology with a price point to increase accessibility and usability. Delve into the world of thermal vision with HIKMICRO.

  • H-S Precision

    H-S Precision produce the pinnacle of accurate and reliable rifles and rifle parts for all applications. The Pro-Series 2000 range is widely known as the best firearm range on the market.

  • Karrimor SF

    A leading global manufacturer of load carriage, Karrimor SF has a reputation for well designed, trusted and reliable products, servicing military and law enforcement units globally.

  • Magpul

    Known for their quality, reliability and focus, Magpul has become a mindset and a partner to those who serve all over the world.

  • Nitecore

    Innovation is the foundation of Nitecore. Specialising in flashlights, Nitecore continue to develop and produce new technology faster than many other light manufacturers on the market.

  • OTIS Defense

    Refusing to settle for traditional products and formulas, OTIS Technology brings smart gun care to the hands of those who need it. Never compromising on quality, OTIS delivers results when you need them.

  • Princeton Tec

    Established in 1975, Princeton Tec are proud developers of military and LE lighting solutions in the U.S. and globally. High-performance in the most demanding situations – every single time.

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight is a “hands-on” company; and have been one since opening in 1973. They train with firefighters, take courses in low-light shooting, and by doing this, they come up with real-world solutions specific to the customers needs.

  • Trijicon

    There is no denying that Trijicon have developed arguably the most robust sighting systems in the market for military and LE use. From the ACOG to the RMR and tritium sights, Trijicon are as reputable as they are reliable.

  • Troy

    Founded on the principle of making reliable, innovative products that won’t fail when lives are on the line, TROY Industries has become the choice of many military and LE  globally. Quality is never overlooked with TROY Industries.

  • Truglo Tactical

    Fast, precise, and specifically designed for your weapons and training.

  • Warrior Assault Systems

    Warrior was established in 2006 with a specific mission; to design and manufacture high quality tactical nylon products, made from the best quality materials, at prices that the average user could afford. Warrior has been battle tested and remains functional in the harshest environments.