Deenside are the UK’s leading manufacturers of personal protective equipment designed to protect the vulnerable areas of the body from impact caused by striking objects when in close combat exchanges or by thrown projectiles. It is designed on the principal that the rigid outer shell takes and spreads the impact and the inner foam pad absorbs it, thus reducing considerably the effect on the body. All the equipment is compact, lightweight, and adjustable to fit most sizes and is extensively used by UK police forces, mounted police, prison authorities and security personnel.

DEENSIDE LTD. was established in 1981 to provide a wide range of high quality, innovative products to the Police, Prisons, MOD and other Governmental Organisations both in the UK and Internationally.

We aim to work with our customers to research, design and develop new products to meet their needs in an ever-changing environment, and it is this personal service that has made us the leaders in the field of personal protective equipment.

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