Warrior Assault Systems is a UK Company with offices in Hereford and manufacturing and warehousing in the North of England. Warrior was established in 2006 with a specific mission; to design and manufacture high quality tactical nylon products, made from the best quality materials, at prices that the average user could afford. Over the years Warrior has been used in combat by some of the best military units from around the globe. Our products are battle tested by the worlds finest.

Many of our products have been developed with direct input from UK Special Forces, and our good friends serving past and present in SF units from around the World. We have been fortunate to forge great bonds with some of the Worlds most elite units, from both Military and Police.

Testing & Development
We will then spend many hours working through all aspects, to form a solution, and with input from our experienced design team we will formulate a basic idea. We then develop the design in CAD format and machine a prototype.

Materials & Hardware
Warrior Assault Systems uses the highest quality materials during our manufacturing process. Our Webbing, Material, Threads, Velcro and Plastic Hardware are all of the highest quality, and are directly imported from the USA. Our products can be manufactured using IR treated fabrics upon request.
Our threads are treated against the negative effects of UV light, Mildew and extreme fluctuations in temperature.
Combined with our excellent sewing standards, quality control and attention to detail our premium quality materials guarantee that you will receive a product that wont let you down and can function in the harshest of environments.

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