Although founded on a single product, Magpul was formed with greater things in mind. A mere glance at the marketing booklets of the day showed that our Founder was working towards a more transformative vision than that which could be confined to any one item. With a focus on innovation, simplicity, real value and efficiency, Magpul was and is an approach, an attitude and a mindset more than anything. From the early days of being a one-man show, to moving into an unheated pole building and hiring the first employees, and on through the meteoric growth to the current efforts, the focus has remained the same. Over the years, Magpul’s industry-changing AR products redefined the shooting experience for millions of firearms owners, and raised expectations of what reliability really meant. The PMAG GEN M3 is now the official magazine of most of our Nation’s Armed Services, and goes into combat with all of them.

Our later expansion into other firearms and their related accessories resulted from identifying those shortcomings in other platforms and products where
our materials and engineering expertise could create value. Hundreds of products now comprise our line, with each one representing a significant outlay of
dedication, effort and innovative thinking by the a Magpul team that has grown in size and capability over the years.

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